About the Component monitor


My question is about the component monitor. What is the main difference between the “learning” and the “on” -modes? It has been set to the learning -mode by default. Should it be left to be where it is now or should I turn it on?

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You should have it on learning for a while, and then you can put it to on.
Click the help button on the firewall and read about the component monitor there.

I don’t. You may get a couple prompts about the libraries (components) involved. When you view the libraries and accept them from that screen, it sets it in the monitor…


I just had a component prompt with Winamp when it repeated the song I was playing…I haven’t had a prompt like that in a long time (wonder if it has anything to do with my opening of the component monitor window). In the quick midst of after clicking deny, I clicked on the Show Libraries button to check out what component was. I forgot what it was :THNK, but that’s not the point :). What if I had accepted in the Show Libraries window? Which window has the final decision?

If you click the “Remember” and Allow on the popup, that will permanently set the components. You will not be able to see the individual components this way.

If you instead click to view the libraries, and Accept within that screen, that will permanently set the components. You will not be able to select “Remember” and Allow this way.

So, either way will set the Rules. If you choose to view the libraries, you can select/deselect certain components if you want.