About the "allow buttons" in the alert window

The “allow buttons” confuse users.

I think that comodo should replace them with “trust buttons”, because CIS will treat it as trusted applcation after the user clicks the “allow button”

If they were called “Trust” that would be confusing…

For example:
Clicking on Create a “Windows” system restore point and Submit the files to Comodo for analysis, then clicking “Trust” to accept this action doesn’t seem even slightly intuitive.

But, comodo does trust the process when the user click the “allow button”.

Because the user does not select “more options”.

1.withot selecting “more options”

(1) allow → allow all actions it does

(2) block → block all actions it does

2.with selecting “more options”

(1) allow → allow this action only

(2) block → block this action only

Confuses me something else. Why the buttons “Allow” and “Block” changed to “OK” and “Cancel” when is used the “More options”. It would be like on photo 479.

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