About that misterious TC...

Melih, sorry if i post this in the wrong place, i just wanted you to notice this post. no need to mention you can freely move this post etc.

So, here’s what i’m asking for. I am a member of russian translators group for CFP v3. You see, CFP v3 is out for several months now, and it still doesn’t have multilingual support, which makes it difficult to use for russian people… the main argument when they compare CFP and Outpost is “Outpost is in russian!” - you know this is not that good for popularity of your CFP and other security solutions. So, what am i asking for? While you were developing CFP you SHOULD have implemented multilingual interface in the first place (this is called ease of use). I don’t know why you didn’t but please don’t make this mistake again - make TC multilingual right from the start! and of course provide us, translators, with necessary language files and help files also, so we can translate them :-)))

I agree… (:CLP)

Multi Language capability tool will be ready by end of the month.

We did build it with Multi Language in mind, what we all are waiting on is just an easy way of using it (this ML tool), thats all.

thank you


oh great thanks (:CLP) (:CLP) :BNC :BNC :BNC