About Stateful scanning


My OS : Vista SP1 - 32 bits - Home Premium Edition
Security : CIS 3.9.95478.309 - virus database : 1171

When I run a virus scan from the GUI (in Summary) or from a profile, or when I run a schduled scan, I noticed than the scans run always in ‘Stateful Mode’ which is a bit surprising for me.

In a manual scan (right clic on the folder, then ‘Comodo Antivirus’), the scan always runs in ‘Classical Mode’ : my prefered one.

I think it should be better than the users choose themselves their own scanning mode and I suggest you to add the choice between ‘Classical Mode’ and ‘Stateful Mode’ in :

  • “Scanner Settings” → “Manual Scanning”
  • “Scanner Settings” → ‘Scheduled Scannings’
  • and for the ‘Profile Scannings’ too.

Today, I noticed a display bug in the scan window of profile scanning, and in the ‘About’ Window : the top of the windows is missing, see screenshots.


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