about sending

I sent some informations(files) to comodo to analyse.What now?Do I get some informations about the results?

Don’t think so…in the help-file it just stand:

“After sending the file to us, our developers will determine whether it presents a threat to the user and take immediate action to nullify it”

Sure.That pop-up said that some game(icy-tower) tryed to connect to internet with firefox.but that game was not opened ,but she staid(from tha last time I played her) in task menager as a process and I have to manuel turn that game off with end process option.

We take the uploaded files and we analyse to find out

1)if they are malware
2)if not malware then we put them into the safelist
3)we update the safelist

This way, we hope to have one of the (if not the biggest) safelist around so that you will never get a popup!


Ok melih.But all pop-ups have option to send to the analyse.Is it ok to you that I send all files to be analysed.Thats no problem to me. (L)

We would love you to send us ALL…
the more the better for us pls.
Actually I would encourage everyone to send us all the files! This will help us build a really comprehensive safelist which is great for everyone.

thank you


OK!!Every pop-up I will send to you.You can in next help file tell that we can send allways files. (:NRD)

Ok thanks