about Prevx Edge

does anyone know this product, any good ?
i think about it for my new scanner, my kav license will end in like 2 months and i don’t trust much his detection power, KAV is not able to detect too many malwares, hopefully Defense+ was here to tell me about the files activities.

what do u think about Prevx Edge ? or any of their products ?

i tested it, it detected some nvidia driver dll and some kaspersky driver as malware so it seems it can have a lot of false positive.

I have prevx edge. I think it’s very good, but it does have alot of false positives. (I have everything on the highest settings) A computer expert and probably most comodo forum members here can figure out if it’s a false positive, but I don’t think a noob (like someone’s grandma for example) will know if its a false positive or not.

Hope the info helps :■■■■

I try the free monitor versions but did not get false positives, seems very good. Support thread at Introducing, The New Prevx Edge. | Wilders Security Forums is where they help and answer questions. I think the data base is still in work.

I would sujest you to use a-squared instead. it has better scanning, but the same FP’s :slight_smile:


those false positive are easy to find when it’s known files like nvidia dll or kaspersky dll but for files u’re not sure about it can be annoying,
when kaspersky doesnt detect something and that virustotal report says there’s a malware, i send the file to kaspersky lab and they often reply they dont find any bad code in the file i’m sending, so i think there are a lot of false positive and it doesnt mean at the end the scanner is better cause it detects more things as they’re not malwares, i’m still wondering what to choose as scanner…
Prevx seems working fine on vista 64, and they claim they find lot of malwares longtime before others competitors, so is it some true fact or just to sell more product…who knows…

i dont know this scanner a-squared, eXPerience, i’ll give it a try, does it work fine on vista 64 ?
thanks for the advice, it’s always cool to test products i didnt know.

You don’t know a-squared, shame on you :wink:

well, afaik it should be fine with 64 bit, but the new engine is relatively new but trying won’t hurt right ? You can always use the trial first of course …


they claim they find lot of malwares longtime before others competitors, so is it some true fact or just to sell more product...who knows...
I guessing they use heuristics(Or something similer to it) and sort the false positives from the real threats later. I doubt there known for the high signature list. At the very least, there is some truth to it. Wether, they exaggerate about anything. I don't know. That's another story

At least with prevx, there no bloat. Or at least none that I can see

ah ah, i see that a-squared is using the ikarus engine, this one is very good.
they use 2 engines for most of protection they offer, doesnt it slow down too much the machine performances ?

Well, it uses some recources. But I used the previous version, I’m not sure if this one uses as many as before :slight_smile:


i read that : On x64-systems the scanner and OnExecution guard work very well, but the behavior blocking module (Malware-IDS) does not run currently.

it must be the cause of the guardian kernel added into vista 64 but that’s why i bought vista 64, for the better protection of the kernel and the digital drivers signature :wink:
even if it’s not terrific, it’s a real improvment for the system security.
we saw that when we tested the comodo leaktest with xp 32, vista 32 and vista 64,
without any protection xp scored 10, vista 32 : 110 , and vista 64 : 180
so without any kinf of protection, not even the UAC or windows defender or windows firewall, the 64 bit version was able to protect itself better than the 2 others OS, that’s better than nothing :slight_smile:
anyway when u add comodo and run the leaktest all the OS scored the same : 360/360 (except for some build with vista 64 that scored 360 then next one scored 350, was build 3.5).
(or maybe it’s 340/340, i’m not sure how many exploits are into the comodo leaktest, 34 or 36…)