about: preferences problem

Select Tools - Options
Title bar says IceDragon about:preferences.
The page seems like a static page, none of buttons, checkboxes etc work.
A couple of the buttons do not have a caption.

Also, when right click on page, is it possible to change the small icons for back, forward, etc back to the actual words.

Win 7 Pro 64-bit

This is in the new version I’m guessing? Are you using any custom styles, themes or appearance plug-ins? If you are, I’d be looking strongly at whether they’re compatible with FFv38 This is one of the issues I’m concerned about with new CID; some plug-ins may not be compatible.

Check to see that all your plug-ins are up to date: Tools → Add-ons → Tool-for-updates → check for updates (ensure that update automatically is not checked).

I’m using ZigBoom’s LavaFox v2.1.9 and found that updates to it are broken in FFv26 based CID.

Its for this very reason that I heartily encourage using FEBE to backup your profile before updating plug-ins; its so MUCH easier rolling back to a backed up profile than starting from scratch with a reset CID profile.