About permissions:

Recently, I installed CIS, but I have a problem.

I use Internet Download Manager but when I want to open that program, I get a message that I don´t have permission to use the program.

How can I use I.D.M without problems?


Could you tell us specifically what the message says, or better yet, provide a screenshot of it?

It doesn’t sound like a message from CIS.

Is IDM an external application that gets called by the browser? What browser are you using? Are you running the browser sandboxed?

It sounds like IDM gets limited in its rights which could be caused by the limitations applied by the sandbox.

Can you post a screenshot of the D+ logs (View Defense + Events)? Could you also post a screenshot of the Active Process List of D+? Make sure that IDM is in both screenshots. That way we have sufficient information to try to figure out what is happening.