About Mats_Run.devices etc...

My laptop just got a fresh reformat and I have installed the usual programs that I use. My issue now is I checked my recycle bin and saw Mats_Run.devices I don’t remember downloading this or even running it and it’s original location was the download folder.

Next is the Microsoft ATS folder it contains:


I googled them and I can’t seem to get a definitive info about it.

I’m starting to worry that my new reformat has malware in it. I hope you guys can help out with this and for anything you guys see wrong on my laptop.

I am running comodo firewall on custom policy and defense+ on safe is it a good option for me or do I pick paranoid to get the best protection?

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Can you please follow the steps given here and let us know what you find?

Also, if you can find the file in question you can upload it to virustotal to be scanned. Please provide a link to the results in your next post. Thanks.

The reason why I don’t have CCS is it made my laptop crash back then and I’m afraid of installing it again.

I guess it’s safe now?

I do have hitman pro and the scan is clean same goes with Super Antispyware, Malwarebytes, and Emsisoft Emergency kit. Sorry for not mentioning those earlier.

Upload the two files for Virus Total and post the links to the reports of these files.

Virus Total results:







CIMA results:



I hope I got the links right.

From the links you provided it looks like they aren’t malicious.

Also, when was the last version you installed for CCS? I’ve had no problems at all with the most recent version.

Prolly 3 months ago. Are the 3 files safe then? I would like to know where did they come from and what do they do. It really bothers me cause I never downloaded that Mats_Run.devices.

Any thing came up on my hijack log that needs my attention?

I got CCS and no malware or virus found. Anything else I need to do or need to know about this? Since it’s not looking like malware can anyone give a good tech forum to help me out on this?

Do you use memory sticks in your computer or use them at other places??
If so, how about locking down autorun.inf in the memory stick :slight_smile:
There’s many script that can do it, so here’s one

just an idea