About keyloggers

Does defense + protect against keyloggers? Or do i have to install something else to handle this, say SpyShelter? I see in the settings it can monitor for any direct access to the keyboard. But is it for keyloggers?

Excuse me adding my bit. Im an older person and complete technophobe. HOWEVER, I have reason to suspect that someone may have used one of those USB Keylogging gizmos on my laptop.
Will Defense+ pick this up as paranoia is now setting in!!!
If you reply, could you PLEASE assume you are taliking to a 5yr old, I have a very basic knowledge of computers. Thanks

Hi Bellasnan and Spainach_12. Nothing is 100% but Defense+ is monitoring for keyloggers as you will notice from Defense+ settings, monitoring settings. Here is a quote from the help file

Keyboard: Monitors your keyboard for access attempts. Malicious software, known as ‘key loggers’, can record every stroke you make on your keyboard and can be used to steal your passwords, credit card numbers and other personal data. With this setting checked, Comodo Internet Security alerts you every time an application attempts to establish direct access to your keyboard (Default = Enabled).

IMO Defense + is enough. Hope this helps.

I woul start by scanning the machine with


CIS will not trust any application from external devices like USB sticks. You would have been notified by D+.

However if somebody in your absence plugged in a USB stick and allowed the program to run the your keystrokes would have been logged until Windows reboots.