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hi !

sorry for my bad english, i am french.

i use software “keylemon” for open my windows account with webcam.
every boot the HIPS say me, he don’t know one .DLL on this software so i add him, as trust.

but he ask me again, and in trust list i have more line for this file.

i do screen shoot thank you

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Do you have Block all unknown requests if the application is closed enabled?

Is the program installed on an internal or external hard drive?


thank you for reply, i have again today the file in unknow, it is internal drive
i do screenshot

thank you for help

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This could be caused if the msvidrk86.dll changes every timej you start the program.

To see if the dll changes you need to see what the hash code of the msvidrk86.dll is each time you get a D+ alert. Put the hash codes in a .txt file and see if it changes or not. When the hash code changes it means the file has changed. I use Hashtab to see a file’s hash code.


you are right, when i look more informations about this file, i see he is edit every boot :wink:

thank you

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