About how "clean PC mode" works

The official description about “clean PC mode” states that “new executable files introduced to the PC are not assumed safe”. Here’s the question: what’s the definition of “new executable files introduced” by Comodo? Are only the files downloaded from internet assumed to be newly introduced? And what about the files from removable media, for example a USB disk?
I tried to execute multiple programs from a USB disk, the D+(clean PC mode, with other settings default) only alerted and asked for a few of them. None of the executable files is digitally certificated or trusted. So does this mean that Comodo does not regard files from a USB disk as “newly introduced”?!

New Executable ie "executing from downloaded file form the internet/ from network drive / from usb / from cd-dvd etc

Can you please tell me the programs / executables that you running so i can test this theory as well


Thanks for quick help. Here is one of the programs D+ never asked, in the “Active Process List” it’s labeled as “unknown”.

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It was sent to the cloud and thus found safe;

hope this helps

Jake (in safe mode)

If it’s already assumed to be safe by Comodo, then why the verdict label is still “unknown”?