About HIjack this

So like can you guys recommend me a good site or forum to where I can show my log and get it checked?

Reading in this forums got me busy and tried out some stuff I never tried before.

Hey uhohkimee,
have a look in this thread, where you’ll (hopefully) find all necessary information:


Hope this helps

Well, you can post it here on the Comodo Forums, or at some security site like Wilders Security Forums.


A note on this:

As courtesy to everyone, when posting HJT logs, please do not copy & paste them when posting. Uploading them as .txt or archived file is preferred. Why? Because each post would be too long.

Ok thanks! Where do I actually post it in the comodo forums? I’m using vista and theres sure is alot of processes that I don’t know about ???

An excellant place for HijackThis logs is http://forums.whatthetech.com/forums.html


Thanks guys!