about FD of D+

If there are no files in the group of My Protected Files, can d+ of CIS block modifying of the files which i put in the block group of “all applications”? “all applications” is in the “computer security policy”.

Hey Cgzn, Welcome to the forums. I’m sorry… I do not quite understand you, Could you please rephrase that more clearly?

Hi Kyle
I think he is going to say if he wants to protect a file and just puts the file into
Deffence+>>Advanced>>computer Security policy>>all applications>>protected files/folders>>blocked files/folders(in modify).
But the file is not even in Deffence+>> common tasks>>my protected files
Will the file be protected actually?

for example, i just want to protect a file from being modified by 1.exe. If i don’t put this file in the “my protected files”, and just set a rule of 1.exe which forbid 1.exe to modify this file. Can this rule work?

Yes. It will still be alerted for. Defense+ will protect your entire system. :comodo110:

As I tested,it will not be protected by D+.
D+ only protects a file which in My protected files list.

I add “*\1.exe” (not quote mark) to the block list of Total Command and not place it in my protected files.
TC can delete 1.exe under D:\ folder without alert.
There are not wildcard like “D:*.exe”(not quote mark) in the allow list of Total Command.

I believe he wants to prevent 1.exe from modifying or deleting anything else, not protect 1.exe from being deleted or modified.

In my example,Tc is “1.exe” and 1.exe is the file to be deleted.

Has TC been treated as a trusted application?