About failed to start diagnostics issue and UAC.. [RESOLVED]


I have the same problem as in https://forums.comodo.com/help_for_v3/critical_error_failed_to_start_the_diagnostics_vista-t17399.0.html;msg127349#msg127349thread.
I got the firewall working properly by choosing to run it as an administrator, but then the UAC suddenly stops the firewall at windows startup, i can manually allow it. But i have to do so every time windows starts.
My question really is how dangerous it is to have UAC turned off? Because when turned off the firewall works properly.
I also have Avast antivirus and Boclean…


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I have it turned off and feel perfectly safe. And not only CFP3 works properly when it is turned off, several other application problems went away when I turned it off. If you don’t have unknown network users and keep D+ running you should be in fine shape.

Ok, thanks for answering. the same for me, it feels like things are running smoother now when CFP3 works properly and i really dont think turning UAC off will matter. Not with D+, BOClean and avast! running.
I feel like UAC wont matter as long as you know what youre doing along with other programs/functions (D+, BOClean and avast!). But hopefully CFP3 will work with or without UAC in coming versions…

If anyone else has another opinion it would be nice to hear it!


The actual opinion of most experts is just what you might guess-If you turn off UAC, you are back to the same degree of protection against rogue users you had in XP. :slight_smile:

Thats what i thought, and i think its enough =)