About Def+

I really think this should be removed from the software…why? Cause it dont realy helps more than the antivirus or antispyware alone.All the alerts Def+ find are programs that we use already and are trustfull.In the other hand even if a program is virus / trojan comodo antivirus and antispyware will just find it with real time protection.Why bother with so many more Def+ Alerts? I have disable this fuction on my PC and i am realy happy i did it !

The problem is that, with all the malware out there, no standalone antivirus can catch anything. So D+ is very usefull with zero-day malware. As reported in this forum many times, nowadays a multilayered protection is essential to keep safe your pc.

I do have to admit,the Comodo paradigm,of building a suite around a HIPS,is a lot different than the common practice of doing the same around an anti-virus.
However it is really as much, or more, valid.
In time,directly related to how much stuff your computer has running,the alerts will become fewer and fewer.
This is a fact.
For me,that was relatively fast,for you,maybe faster,or slower.
In time the alerts are quite rare,and very meaningful.

Abide awhile,and you will see.

Sure, if your computer is clean. However, don’t you want it to protect you when something comes along that is harmful?

Common sense should say the extra layer of protection is a good thing…