About Def+ Help plz

Hello , i use comodo interer suite (Antivirus / firewall / malware protection) and i just wanna know if def+ is necesary for the operation of antivirus / firewall / malware protection.If i disable the def+ will the above stop working?Or def+ do somethink more if its activated?


Defense + is one of the protective components. You can disable it and the Firewall and AV will still function without D+ being active.

However Defense + keeps a vigilant eye under the hood of Windows and can basically detect anything that happens there. That makes it a very powerful tool that can stop the installation of all, even unknown, malwares in its tracks. D+ won’t allow things that CIS does not trust on top of that; its called the Default Deny principle. D+ is like the bouncer at the door who only lets people in who are trusted (on the white list). For untrusted it will ask.

Default Deny and seeing all activity under the hood makes it powerful but has a bit of a steep learning curve. Please let us know if you have any questions or problems that you want help for.