about COMODO Rescue Disk error message.

Rescue Disk show error message when write to USB memory the CRD. (Forum and site download file)

comodo_rescue_disk_2.0.275239.1 (MD5:AB796907DF83FEA76869EE585999C7A3)
comodo_rescue_disk_2.0.261647.1 (MD5:92666A4FB75ADECFD4CBD70B22E5254C)

i know. CRD require minimal 546M disk space. my memory stick is 492M.

Rescue Disk view next 2 step message.

“Cant get size of file” → “Cant read file!”

what meant? i dont know.

i want edit this message.

“The CRD requires a minimum 546MB disk space. There is not enough space.”

Appropriate message will not hurt to the user head. :wink:

PS. CIS direct downloaded file “crd.iso (MD5:DD8A7CE87854C141532903996C43F02F, CRD 1.1.232326.14 old version)” is can write. no problem.

and i reported “why CRD require the 546MB disk space?” - https://forums.comodo.com/comodo-rescue-disk-crd/why-crd-require-the-546mb-disk-space-t94252.0.html

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