About Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4

The new version of Comodo Firewall is freeware or shareware?

Hi ZuMa, welcome to the forums.

All versions are freeware, with a lifetime license.

This product is good for my PC. I using stablily. (L)

The future versions of Comodo Firewall (Pro comprised) they will remain freeware?

Yes it will be free.
Comodo Personal Firewall has changed name to Comodo Firewall Pro.
It compares better to the other brands Pro versions, so it’s because of that it has changed name.

The CEO said forever when asked. I pointed out that forever was a very long time. But, since it has a lifetime license you can’t legally use it after your dead anyway. ;D


What if yo come back as a zombie? (:TNG)

COMODO Firewall is compatible with avast! Antivirus 4.7?

No problem for me at all.