About cmagent.exe's CPU usage on 2 computers [resolved on its own]

I installed CF on two computers.

The 1st:

Duron 750
256M memory

CF runs very well.

The 2nd:

Celeron 2.4G
Win2000 SP4 Rollup 1
1G mem

After CF started,CPU usage goes up to 99%.And cmagent.exe does it.

I got confused,for both settings kept default…

It seems many says cmagent.exe eats CPU,why not release a debug version?

Can you give a little more info about this?

Does it occur when specific applications are running, or as soon as you log into Windows?

What firewall did you have previously installed?

What other actively-running software do you have on the system (even just systray items will be a start…)?


Thank you for your reply

I tried just now.And this time it runs well.So I still have no knowledge on the true reason

I disabled all the auto-run suspects,uninst filseclab,inst CMF.
After reboot , it goes well.
Then I start all the auto-runs one by one,including Anti-virus,the biggest suspect.Still,nothing happened.

At last,I droped all the changes and reboot.It’s OK…


Okay, then, a self-resolving problem. That was easy! ;D

Jokes aside, I’m glad it’s working properly now. I’ll go ahead and close the topic. If the problem returns, just PM me (or another Mod) a link (otherwise we might not find it…) and request it be reopened. We’ll be glad to do so.