about Chinese GUI made by fans in China

Some Comodo fans in China always tanslates GUI to chinese,


you may download their products,even supporting the latest BETA comodo, from the kafan forum which is one of the best secrity forums in China.
but they can’t get the offical suppert,possibly because you don’t konw about their volunteer work。
So there are some problems with the translated comodo.
for example,
the AV doesn’t work in translated CIS 3.5.57173.439
part of D+ can’t be translated in translated CIS 3.8.61948.459 BETA

I sincerely hope that their work could be known and adopted by Comdo,and a new offical version supporting Chinese can be released soon by cooperation of Comodo and those Chinese fans.

I have upload translation for COMODO Internet Security 3.8.61948.459 BETA to the attachment.
Just replace the same exe file in your comodo file(checked by Avira).

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Go China!
+1 to them! :smiley:

Hopefully comodo could help them with implanting the translation even to the D+ part.
or comodo could release their own language pack sometime soon. :-\