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i using the killswitch and i checked hide all safe processes,explorer is the only one detect as unknown…how to fix that?

Make sure it’s not tampered with malware, perform full system scan.
If it’s clean with Comodo Antivirus then scan with:
1: HitmanPro
2: Malwarebytes Antimalware
3: Emsisoft Emergency Toolkit
Then restore clean version with
1: CTRL+R, then write cmd then press enter, then write sfc /scannow and insert your Windows installation CD/DVD.
Wait till it’s finished, reboot. Verify it’s not unknown anymore
If it is, then download

Buy the product [yes, I know!] and after he’s finished, reboot and do another run in killswitch.
If it’s still unknown, which it shouldn’t be, then congratulations, you just wasted 99.95US$ on a product that couldn’t help you.

Aaaaaaaand, you’d probably want to kill me too… :P0l

Right-click on explorer.exe in KillSwitch > Properties > General.
Does it say i Microsoft Windows Component Publisher[/i]?


When a program is unknown it does not necessarily mean it is malicious. It is not known.

You can upload the file to Virus Total and see what other scanners report about the file. Please post the url of the page with the Virus Total report so we can take a look with you.

I checked mine and it says Verified. :slight_smile: