about cavshell.dll and guard32.dll

Hi. I have installed the firewall only ( Proactive Security ), and I was wondering what cavshell.dll ( probably the sandbox ) and guard32.dll are for.

Cavshell.dll is for the shell integration of the Anti Virus; it is related to starting the scanner from a context menu in Explorer, right click, to scan a partition, folder or single file.

Guard32.dll belongs to Defense + and gets injected in every running process.

Tks. What is the first for, as I don’t have tha AV ? ( to run a prog in the sandbox from the context menu in Expl ?)

it can also be for the cloud scanner.

Is the cavshell.dll registered (does it show up in Autoruns or similar programs?) or is it only in the CIS installation folder taking up space?

Yes, cavshell.dll is registered in autoruns, and if it is for the antivirus only, and not to run a program in the sandbox, I wonder why it is displayed in autoruns. ???

Then you found a bug in the installer me thinks. Please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it!.

Or just disable the Autoruns.

I tried to disable the cavshell.dll ( as from .jpg ) and “run in COMODO sandbox” disappeared from the context menu of explorer. So I’ m forced to think that cashell.dll is for running a program in the sandbox, as I don’t have Comodo AV. But if I disable the shell and I use the main interface of D+ to run a program in the sandbox, there is a bug, already reported, that prevents me from deleting the program FOLDER.

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I tried it and apparently cavshell.dll adds both the “Scan with Comodo Antivirus” and " Run in Comodo Sandbox " to the context menu. The name tricked me into believing it was only for the av.

What program folder are you referring to?

I usually test a program portability by the sandbox. Often I have to extract the program in Download folder using Universal extractor. So it creates another folder. If I run the program by the context menu, there are no problems; but the cavshell run the program ONLY as partially limited. If I use the main interface of D+ ( and its explorer ) I can choose. But when I decide to delete the sandboxed program folder, I can’t do it because “Comodo explorer” is still open on the folder of the sanboxed program. It’ s the same bug of Explorer, when you have to use Unlocker. But it obviously does not work with Comodo explorer. You can try it.