About CAVS 2.0

When CAVS 2.0 comes out, then people like me hope it’s works even 110% but there are some issues. In my computer I have to delete the cavasm.exe file in order to recover complete perfromance, but the on-access scanner can’t activate at all. So let’s hope that 0% of that won’t happen in the CAVS 2.0, but is there any other bugs fixed in CAVS 2.0?

P.S. lets keep about CAVS 2.0 so we can be patient.

I mean 0% of that will happen(It autually won’t)

What do you mean 0%? You don’t know what will happen the product still isn’t finished…

Hi, so what you are trying to gracefully say is you hope none of those bugs you mentioned will be in V2, correct? :wink: It’s hard to say in a beta as it is “user” tested and helps aid in the fix of a varient of bugs that can’t be done on only a few machines. Unless you mean a final V2, which i’m sure will be a big improvment. :wink:


CAV is still in Beta. It should still contain bugs. Even a full version also might have some bugs. As we know, no software are perfect. Thats way all of us are here… to help to discover the bugs.

Most of us foresee v2 will have big improvement.