About Boclean setup

I downloaded the so called “Comodo boclean antimalware” from Comodo offcial site, but it turned out that’s just the CIS package. I have Comodo firewall with D+ intalled already, so the question is:
Is Boclean integrated into CIS already? If so, which part? AV or Firewall? Do I need to install Comodo AV to get Boclean?

Thanks all.

Yes, BOClean is integrated with CIS. Yes, you will need to install the AV to get BOClean.

Hello temp00

It’s integrated into AV component

You’ll have to use the AV component to use BOClean (BOClean’s Definitions are included in AV)
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

You may download BOClean 4.x (Standalone)here > freewarefiles.com - freewarefiles Resources and Information.

installing the standalone isn’t recommended; Please download/install the AV component of CIS