about bittorrent.com client ...

One of the .tmp files gets flagged for having a double extension. That’s why the heuristics kicks in. I leave it up to the Comodo staff people to decide whether they will fix it or not. My guess it may be not. Just tell CIS to ignore it when installing would be my advice.

Thanks very much for confirming, EricJH.

Got quarantined for me today when I downloaded it from the official site. Seems like its still detecting it I got worried and thought my download was infected.

Hi cheater87 ,

Bittorrent is one of those clean P2P clients.
If you downloaded it from the legit site that is just reoccurring FP
As you can see above FP was fixed, but DB was changed & probably the version (respectively the code) of the Software was changed

Just submit as suggested above and/or follow other advices regarding the temporary file(s), if that is the case again

My regards

I tried to remove it from the quarantine and it still detected it I got the latest definitions and the email saying its fixed. Now I have no idea how to get Bittorrent uninstalled.

You message is not clear

What do you mean by “remove it from the quarantine”
I hope you are not deleting it from there since the FP was confirmed again?

You have to restore it from quarantine so it will be placed back into its based location

Then you did not clarify what is actually “it” that was flagged / the installer / temp file(s)
as discussed above / or other component of the Software after Bittorent was already installed

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I’m restoring it and it gets quarantined again as soon as I try to use it.

Are you using “auto-quarantine”?

If so - my advice never ever use it with any security.
That is very dangerous (especially when AV has so many FPs)
If you have that option then disable it and set to “Notify” only

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Are you using "auto-quarantine"?

Check to see if it does is easy (I’ll assume the file in question is NOT currently in quarantine and you already took it out :slight_smile:

  1. Open Comodo
  2. Click on the AV Tab
  3. Click on “Scanner settings”
  4. Under "Real-time scanning, see if there is a check mark on "Automatically quarantine threats found during scanning. If there is a check mark there, remove it
  5. Under "Schedule scanning , see if there is a check mark on "Automatically quarantine threats found during scanning. If there is a check mark there, remove it
  6. Now click on the “Exclusion Tab”
  7. Click on “Add”
  8. Click on click on “browse file”
  9. Now FIND THE FILE that keeps getting flagged and click on that
  10. When there is no more files to add to the exclusion list Click on “OK” on the comodo screen
    Done, hopefully this works for you

Thanks Jay got that thing uninstalled now and staying with Utorrent since that has no FPs.

µTorrent is definitely the best clean client … no matter what

At the same time, as it was pointed in my post and then in Jay’s post - disable “auto-quarantine” irrespectively
That is not a fact that µTorrent will not be flagged by Comodo’s (or any other AV)
in the future (there were incidents in the past)

as for “auto-” quarantine or deletion be careful and never use those options
Search (Google) for many disasters incidents in the past & some more recent ones like
and may more, including the fact that Comodo’s AV is very high on FP’s and has just around 60% in average of detection rate …plus according to the latest VB test
It “failed on win 7” … you can imagine what can happen