? about application rules & replacing/reinstalling the FX user profile folder

I keep a Firefox user account profile folder as BU. I was on the drive with Comodo 2.4/KAV and decided to replace it yesterday. I have FX allowed under the application rules and component rules in 2.4. When I replace/reinstall a BU FX user profile folder, I get all kinds of PUs requesting FX access to the 'net on both 80 & DNS and it’s an application allow/deny. After reinstalling the user/surfing FX profile folder from BU, I’ve tried deleting FX.exe (from program files in the Mozilla folder) from the application rules not the program files folder and then reinstalling it and that doesn’t do any good. The only combination I’ve found to clear the PUs is to both delete/reinstall FX in the application rules, and then allow/remember in the next group of PUs. When I allow/remember in the PUs, absolutely nothing gets changed in the FX application rule setup as the rules are exactly the same and FX has the same exact location (program files/Mozilla/Firefox.exe) and FX has the same parent (explorer.exe) , however the PUs seem to disappear. If anyone knows what is being “allowed” from the allow/remember settings in the PUs and if when you reinstall a user account FX profile folder from BU in that user accounts “application data”, Mozilla, Firefox, profiles, (then the strange numbered FX profile folder), it screws up the FX application rules (when FX is the same FX.exe from the Mozilla folder in program files? I don’t understand what is setting the firewall application rules off where it doesn’t recognize the BU FX proflle when I reinstall it. I’m guessing it’s someting with the newest Java DL as I finally had to block jusched.exe and java.exe entirely in the application rules as it was continually begging for 'net access (worse that Mcafee does).