About AntiLogger

This is my first post on this forum, i am using comodo past 1 year. Its really good internet security software.
But i need to add Anti Logging system on CIS 6.0. Because CIS dont have it.
That’s why i am using Zemana AntiLogger instead on CIS PRO 6.0 . I hope Comodo developer look into my request.
Sorry for the bad English.

Good luck and long live COMODO

I hope you are using Zemana AntiLogger Free edition and not the paid one because:

  1. it is free
  2. Comodo offers the same (and better) protection as Zemana paid with few additional modifications

No i used paid version. If comodo have this, then there anti logging system not good.need to update it more.
Because i test some logger on my PC days ago, CIS don’t show any detection about it, but Zemana says its a WebcamLogger.
Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: