Aborted CIS v3.10.102363.531 Install - Now How to Uninstall It?

When I tried to do a clean installation of CIS v3.10.102363.531 I first removed the version of 531 that was not functioning as it should with Revo and it removed all traces of it and then when I did the clean reinstall and everything was fine until I rebooted and I got a message that the comodo.dll failed to load properly and to uninstall the program and try again.

When I tried to uninstall the aborted installation I got a message that CIS was already installed and so the Comodo Uninstaller could not be launched and that I needed to go to the Windows Uninstaller which (also failed) or go to the CIS installation folder through DOS console and run “cfpconfig.exe-u” to uninstall it. I tried to find out information about how to use the DOS Console and only found out information concerning Win 95 and I know of no such DOS Console on my Win Vista OS.

Now I am forced to once again run Windows Firewall and the resource consuming AV that I used prior to CIS and I am reeeeeally missing Comodo! Do any of you know how I how can successfully uninstall the aborted CIS installation so that I can I hopefully do a clean installation that functions correctly with the Comodo installer? Can I just delete the CIS folder and try another installation?


Hi Maxx,

Sorry for your troubles, you can try running the .bat file from this link.


Let us know, there are manual instructions for removal kicking around here somewhere as well.


Do you have any other security softs running that may interfere with install, running installer as Admin.
Just a couple of more things to ensure of.

Thanks! I will let you know how running the .bat file goes…


Bad Frogger- Using the .bat file to remove all remnants of CIS worked very well although it did leave the single .dll that refused to load and was causing all of the trouble nevertheless I installed CIS v3.10.102363.531 into a different folder and it installed just fine and is running normally as far as I can tell. Thanks again for your speedy replies which saved the day!

For a few hours I was forced to run with my old bloated and ineffective Security System and it was a reminder of how great it is to be able to once again enjoy the high levels of protection that the lightweight Comodo Internet Security offers!