abnormal termination of some apps during XP-shutdown

Since the 2.4 version my “Antivir PE-Prem.” and now with the 3.0 some other applications and CFP itself do not normally terminate with the regular shutdown-process. The apps do not “react” and have to be terminated by the system. Fortunately I already down-set the parameters for the hard completion, otherwise I would have to wait…

I already tried to switch off the Process Protection but, no change.

I have also runing “Haute Secure”, “AD-Watch-2007” in addition, but stopping them before Shutdown does not change anything.

I really have the impression that it began with CFP_2.4

My latest idea:
Is there any specific system-process for Shutdown that has to be granted special rights to stop apps and/or services for Shutdown?



Do you have that problem when Defense+ is disabled (rightclick on icon in tray->Defense+ ->disabled).

If yes, most likely it is not a CFP problem.

If no, make sure all of your “stubborn” apps have these settings (see screenshot) under GUI->Defense+ ->advanced->computer security policy->executable->edit->protection settings.

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