Ableton Live for Max problems.


I have been using Comodo for a few months now and I find it great :slight_smile:

But(yes there is always a but) I have installed Ableton live and installled Cycling '74 Max 5.1
and I get an error -7 when I try to use Max.

I emailed Cycling '74 and they told me it was Comodo stopping it running.
So I uninstalled comodo and it worked with no problems
then I reinstalled comodo and I get the same error again.

Please How can I get Comodo to let Cycling '74 max run ok?

Thanks for your time.

Anyone here from Comodo that can help me ?

I hope this is the right section for this post asking for help?

Its not the right section… But I think its D+ that is messing with you… Fire up CIS and click Defence+ > Advanced > Computer security policy…

Here try to find “Cycling '74 Max 5.1” application (whatever the exe may be called)… When you find it click on it and “Edit”. chose, “Use a Predefined security policy > Trusted application”. Then hit Apply. And Apply again… next try starting Cycling '74 Max 5.1… see if you have any success…

Thanks for your help commanding the celsius :slight_smile:

But I already tried that and most other options in Comodo :frowning:

Hmm check and see if you have any files at Defence+>My Blocked Files…
or at: Defence+>My pending files…

Is this an application that “demands” internet to work?? If so make sure its not blocked at Firewall > Advanced > Network Security Policy…

One last thing you may try is temporary disable D+ and see if it will start but I repete: temporary… Don’t forget to put D+ back on… If you are able to start the application when D+ is disabled then its very likely there is some sort of misconfiguration there…

OK I will try that now.

Thanks for the help.

EDIT i have tried that and still no good…it does not want to go to the net at all.
By the way I am using windows 7 64…I can see it in Computer Security Policy
and have given it trusted application.

Now here the funny thing, if i exit comodo and try to run Max I get the same error?
it’s ■■■■ my head in. As I say if i un-install comodo it runs sweet.

Oh… I think I misunderstood you… the problem is that the program won’t connect to the internet? I thought you was experiencing some sort of crash when starting the software… ;D :a0

No you are right the software crash with a -7 error…
My mistake I meant the program dos not need the net at all.

Thank you very much for your help.

Iam sorry but I don’t think I can assist you more with this issue. :-\

Good luck! (:NRD)

Try right clicking the CIS icon on at your lower right corner, choose defence + security level then set it into training mode.

That does not work either :slight_smile: but thanks for trying :wink:
even if i exit Comodo i still get a software error in Max
Max only works if i un-install comodo…

Thanks for your help as well commanding the celsius

Just a bump just in case someone at Comodo take a look.


I have exact the same problem with max for live on win7 64bit. Same errorcode when trying to open a max object. I hoped the bug is away with the next live update but still doesn’t work. I also posted that problem @ live forum and a max forum where I’ve been told that they know the problem and I have to look for another firewall. But I like comodo so please comodo gurus find a way…



What do the Defense + logs show when you start the program and open a max object? Can you post a screenshot of the logs? They can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Events.