able to export protected files or reg keys?

Is there a way to export protected files and registry keys like you can with the security policy?

Depends on what you want to do with them, you can “manually” export using regedit, or make a script that uses “reg.exe” to export key’s …

I dont want to export the entire registry, I wanted to export the protected registry keys that are being protected by D+ (and the protected files).

I wanted to see if there was a way to export the protected registry keys and protected files from D+ so if I have to uninstall 3.8 (it messes up, or I have to uninstall it to upgrade to a newer version) I do not have to spend hours readding protected reg keys and files. I know you can export the computer security policy and was hoping for a way to do something identical to that but with the protected reg keys and files.

If your looking for “partial” restore of only protected files and/or protected registry keys, then it’s going to be a “manual” job using regedit.

This type of partial backup/restore is scheduled for version 4.x somewhere.

I just the configuration script you can find it here

Make a report from the “previous” version and from the new one, and then use something like WinMerge to compare the “diffs”.