ability to run programs in training mode rather than the pc in training mode

by be able to do this you don’t have to worry about cis leaning something it shouldn’t. it can just monitor what you want to run and allow whatever it wants to do instead of allowing everything on your computer to do whatever it wants to do. if everything can do whatever it wants and you have malware on your system then the current implementation of training mode could be harmful to users


Please add a poll. My votes…

Wouldn’t creating a “Allowed Application” rule give the same results? If a program would be in training then it’s allowed to do whatever it wants, if the program is made to an Allowed Application it is allowed to do whatever it wants.

I do not suppose it does the same, but, I have to verify it.

Besides for those rules to apply we do need to have HIPS turned ‘ON’, which is not the default of CIS v6.

The best way to add all executables created by an application to “Trusted Files” is by running “Training mode” only.