Ability to manually run programs outside of the sandbox

I really love the automatic sandboxing function, but what can get annoying is I’m always having to trust automatically sandboxed programs after they run to get them working properly. It’s frustrating having to run a lot of my programs twice just to get them to work. Having to go into Comodo and manually add a program to My Safe Files before I run it just to ensure it runs fine is way too time consuming.

So what I think would be a good idea is to allow users to run things outside of the sandbox by right-clicking on them. Maybe having something like “Add this to your Safe Files” in the right-click menu for programs. This is a feature that would save me a lot of time and I’d use it a lot.

Another idea is to add an option to ask the user before programs are automatically sandboxed. Such a function should not be enabled by default, but it would be great to have an option like this. For example, instead of running the program and then giving the user the “This program has been automatically sandboxed” window, it instead pops up and says something like “This program has been deemed neither safe nor dangerous. Would you like to run it in an isolated environment?”.

These are just my suggestions. I feel that my first suggestion should be a necessity though.

The sandbox alerts give you the option to not run the app in the sandbox, doesn’t it?

Yes, but after it runs. A lot of programs don’t run properly in the sandbox (especially games), so it means I have to run the programs twice just to get them to work.