Ability to lock widget possition

Widget should have a lock function, so it can’t be moved by mistake. I personally find this option a “must have”.

I don’t really care about that. It would be convenient for some people though.

Thx vor your vote, and yes the option is good for people who use the widget.

If it is useful for some and not effecting others, I see know harm in the option being available.

Thank you that’s my point :slight_smile:

I made a very small program that does just that, locks widget in place and also it adds transparency effects.

Hmm sounds good, can you share it?

I wonder this too and I also wonder if you can share what it is written in and the source code? Thanks.

It’s a simple executable based off of a AutoHotkey script I wrote to lock the widget in place and also adjust widget transparency.

I posted a picture of what it looks like in this thread: https://forums.comodo.com/wishlist-cis/widget-transparency-t94268.0.html

It’s a stand alone exe, no other software needed and its very small. I will need to modify it a bit to allow for user adjustable settings.

No problems sharing the source code SanyaIV and RealNature. Not much to it really :stuck_out_tongue: