Ability to change firewall notifications back to how they were before?

Well, this “wonderful” program decided it would update itself against my will(I had the check for updates thing unchecked) and now I have this “wonderful” new prompt when a program tries to access the internet. Instead of a simple allow or block, you have to check allow or block then press OK. I think that’s pretty stupid, what was wrong with simple “allow” or “block” buttons? Is there any way to change it back?

it sounds like you clicked more options on the pop up alert. the more options button has been there for a while.

CIS is not capable of updating itself without user intervention, even with check for updates enabled.

Ok wow, I don’t know how I didn’t see that, thanks. I’m just so used to programs like this dramatically changing their UI for no reason that I assumed that’s what it was.

I could have swore I’ve had it installed since before the most recent update, but I guess my memory is a little bad. Looking back, I re-installed the thing a day after the most recent update was released.

Sorry for seeming like a ■■■■ in my original post. I just got worked up over my own mis-clickings. Thanks for the help, guys.

no problem glad you got it worked out