ABC keeps stalling out

Since installing Comodo, I’ve been having trouble with ABC (a BitTorrent client). It’s basically working, so this is different from the other Torrent problems I was able to find via Search. Basically, at seemingly random intervals, ABC stops downloading and uploading; at such times, the Task Manager shows it using 90+% of my CPU cycles. Stopping and restarting a torrent usually gets it working again, but sometimes only for a few minutes or even seconds at a time.

I have its port opened in Comodo and have set the stealth ports wizard to “Alert me to incoming connections”, so as far as I can see my settings are the recommended ones for using such a program. However, I just noticed that whenever I open the stealth ports wizard, the radio button is always on “define a new trusted network”, so maybe the settings aren’t taking?

I realize this sounds like a problem with ABC and not Comodo, and I have posted on ABC’s support forum, such as it is. But the problem only started with installing Comodo so I’m wondering if anyone here has any ideas.


Anyone got any ideas? The problem seems to have subsided to some extent, but I’m still open to suggestions as to what may have been causing it and what I might be able to do to get rid of it entirely.