AAAAAHHHHH CTM ruined my HDD!!!!

OMFG!!! Pls do not tell me this is true.
I installed CTM. At 58% I got a table init failed (or something like that) error message.
I continued with debug install.
When my Xp Sp3 reloaded it says drive F: and G: are not formated

Guys - all my work is on this HDD. Don’t tell me it’s lost forever!

The information in other partitions should be safe I think but you should use special programs to recover.

Means what?

What special programs do you mean? How can I get my stuff back?

Well if you have enough skills you could use some recovery programs like “Paragon partition expert”, “Paragon backup&recovery”,“Acronis Disk Director” and others. If you are not able to do it yourself I’d advise to invite a specialist. It’s rather difficult case to recover distantly.

Just boot a Live CD of Ubuntu or some other Linux distribution and see if it can access your files.


you can also try TestDisk Partition Recovery and File Undelete It’s a pretty good tool to recover broken partitions and lost data - and it’s free. Helped me once to get data back after the MBR was broken on one of my HDDs. It did what Acronis and other expensive tools couldn’t do.

Anyway, your error sounds like the MBR is broken (which might happen since CTM writes to it for the recovery console) or the master file table. TestDisk can try to repair the MBR/MFT from its shadow copy. I’m pretty sure your data is still there and can be recovered. Worst case, you need to copy your data form the HDD to another (external) HDD. TestDisk can do this easily.

Good Luck!

In as much that Comodo products have their merits (in their own time) the lesson here and common sense dictates that you should backup or at the very least create a system restore point before you trial any new unknown softs on your computer, better safe than sorry as the saying goes… :-La

The GOLDEN rule of computing is that there are only two types of users - those who have already lost data and those who are just about to.

As Sorcerer suggested, it’s a wise move to take a backup of all critical user generated data before installing or trialling any software or service.

Of course we all take regular backups, don’t we?

Ewen :slight_smile:

Sounds good but doesn’t CTM disable system restore?

Hi Sphynx25,

Yes - that is a GOLDEN rule (and panic usually supplying wisdom here - he is actually in goldmine industry and he is very rich… just pretending using security and other Software… like nothing else is going on)

Most likely the original poster will not feel better when post factum advices are given at this stage, but that is the only way to learn.

Here is another one: “if you don’t have your valuable data backed up at least twice - you do not care about your data at all”

… and that must be done by using already proven stable solutions existing out there

Is that a PLATINUM rule? … it’s not BRILLIANT for sure - brilliants can be faked easily

Testing such Application as CTM on your working PC - is irresponsible action (sorry for putting that bluntly)

I know - that is not very helpful in your situation and may even make you angry, but not saying that would be wrong too.

I hope that you may succeed using the advice by Saxuality


Yes, now I’m wondering what you think for what reason I wanted to install CTM… 88)

Guys relax - it’s all nice and dandy. I booted from a Knoppix Live CD and was able to access and copy the two partitions to an external USB-HDD. (Ok, I admit, that took a few hours…)
Just rebooted now - and got asked (again) if I’d like to continue the installation (normal, VGA or debug) or cancel it. I picked the later one and when back in XP - it was all normal again, the drives where normally formatted and everything was in place. Just that I now have an extra backup on my external HDD. ;D