A4Tech mouse driver not trusted by CIS

I have A4Tech mouse, model G9-500H. I downloaded the driver for it from the official A4Tech website. However, when trying to install it, Comodo Internet Security says it does not recognize the file as trusted and therefore does not recommend installation.

The driver is NOT digitally signed.

VirusTotal mostly says it is ok, with the exception of F-Prot reporting “W32/A-0cb9c872!Eldorado”:

www.isthisfilesafe.com does not know whether this file is safe, although it was first seen more than 1 year ago and there is still no suspicious behaviour reported. On the other hand there is at least one other driver from A4Tech on that site being marked as malware.

The driver in question is OfficeShuttle_V12.05V18.exe (MD5: E5A0355CC919F21400BACFE4403748DE) and can be downloaded here:


I am not comfortable installing the driver, but I cannot submit it for analysis from CIS GUI because of the file size being too big.

Any advice on what is the proper action in this situation would be much appreciated.


You can post the download link to the file here: https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/submit-applications-here-to-be-whitelisted-2014-t100712.0.html

That way Comodo staff will analyze the file and add it to the whitelist if it is safe. It takes a while, so please be patient.

I’ll do that, thank you very much.

You can also submit files here: http://camas.comodo.com/

And post the link on the forum post I mentiond, that way the file is already in Comodo’s database.

OK, done

Anytime you have files unknown to CIS you should submit them there so that they can be whitelisted, if the file submission in CIS was working it would actually take a longer time to whitelist a file from there than it would if you sent it on the forum.

Thanks for the advice. The instant malware analysis seems to be quite helpful even on its own, although of course I will wait for the verdict.