A way to revert CIS back to as if it were freshly-installed

There should be a way to reset CIS – or at least modules with in it – back to the way they came from Comodo… as if nothing had been set yet, or trained yet.

In another thread I suggested that there be a single button to do it globally… to make CIS so that it’s exactly the way it shipped from Comodo… as if it were newly-installed and hadn’t been “taught” anything yet. And, indeed, I think such a button (with a bit warning popping-up if it’s pushed to make sure the user really knows what s/he’s about to do)…

…however, I think there should also be ways to return things to factory settings, and also to undo any “training” (and I see those as separate things) within each module… or at least within the firewall, and Defense+; and such settings should be within said modules.

Sometimes we give permission for things that we wish we hadn’t; or sometimes someone else using the machine misunderstood how to answer something, and we need to just start over again from the beginning…

…but without having to reinstall CIS (which is the obvious first thing one considers).

Hope that helps.

  • HarpGuy

Although your suggestion would be very helpful, there’s a workaround for this which I use:

  1. Install CIS and don’t reboot when prompted.
  2. Export all 3 default configurations.
  3. Import the one you want to use from the ones you just exported and give it a different name.
  4. Activate your imported configuration.
  5. Now reboot.

Now, if you want to start over with a fresh configuration, just import another configuration (which you saved at installation) and activate it. Now delete the one you you don’t want anymore.

No need to do 2. they are already there in the Comodo folder.

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I know, I just thought it would be easier for the poster to do it that way…

As a side note HarpGuy, instead of having to reinstall CIS to get the default configurations back, as Dennis2 states, the default configurations are stored in the CIS program directory with an extension of *.cfgx. You could import any of them to start over.

yes , one button to restore all settings to defaults and remove all modified rules…etc will be very useful



Perhaps a reset button on the Configurations window, with a prompt asking if you if you’re sure you want to revert to all default settings.

Exactly! :-TU

+1 For the Feature

You know one (of the several) things I dislike about this place?

It’s been four years since I started this thread. Nearly every participant in it thought that a simple button with an “are you sure” dialog to reset CIS to factory state (thereby helping the the user to simply reset without having to have arcane knowledge about where to find the default configurations and how to import them) was a good idea.

Yet it’s still nowhere to be found in CIS. Nowhere in this thread is a word from anyone from COMODO about whether it was considered, or why it was ignored. Nothing.

Yet if I deign to come-in to one of these threads and make posting with this posting’s “tone,” I’m warned by some officious mod or admin, as if this were a communist country.

Or maybe it’s because I’m black. Communists can be racists, too, you know.

These forums are not a place where users of COMODO software can be helped, and feel helped, and feel that their contributions are welcome. They are, instead, a place where a bunch of know-it-alls with some kind of “we must protect COMODO at all costs” agenda routinely oppress and threaten anyone who calls COMODO and the operators of these forums on their either questionable or objectively observably bad behavior.

And if that seems to you like I’m angry, beyond just what’s in this thread, you’re right. Even only reporting a bug, around here, has become nightmarish. If one doesn’t effectively fill-out a form with every last possible detail, including those that we with pushing 40 years as IT professionals can tell are irrelevant, then the bug gets ignored or the reporter of it chastised, even though what information s/he did provide is more than adequate to figure out where and what is the bug. The mere end-user who has no skin in any of this game, and who just wants to report a bug, should be allowed to just describe it, provide the version and service pack number of his/her copy of windows (and whether it’s 32- or 64-bit), and the version number of CIS, and that’s it. If anyone has questions and asks them nicely (after all, it’s the end-user we’re talking about, here, without whom CIS would have no potential paying customer base; so it might pay, around here to have a “the customer is always right” mentality), then, yes, the end-user should try to answer and help. But the treatment the end-user gets because s/he didn’t conform like a robot, is outrageous.

CIS is already assailed for not being terribly user-friendly, just generally. Reviewer after reviewer, out there, has stated that while it seems to be an excellent piece of software – with a world class firewall that need make no apologies to anyone – its pop-ups can be confusing to the mere end-user who just wants protection; and who can get it from other software without having to be a techno-geek. And, yes, I realize that CIS is better, now, about that, than ever before; so, yes, I concede that what I just described is not quite the problem it used to be. But my point is that CIS is already a technological challenge to the mere end-user; so it’s doubly-tragic that his/her coming here and seeking some help can become such a godawful and intimidating experience.

Shame on me, though, for having the temerity to mention it, here.

I’ll sit back, now, and await my scolding.

I agree that the format required for bug reports is a little confusing. However, I am trying to simplify it as much as possible, while ensuring that the devs have all information they could need to reproduce the bug without having to contact the user for additional information. If you have any ideas for simplifying it we can discuss that via PM. One problem with not including all of that additional information appears to be that if the devs contact users for additional information, should they find they need it after it was not provided at first, many users do not respond. Thus, it effectively slows the process and leaves CIS with more bugs than it otherwise would have had. At least that’s my understanding.

As for the wishlist, I have just recently revamped the process so that there should be more of a communication between the forum members and the devs (assuming the wish gets enough positive responses). Therefore, the sort of situation you are describing should happen less often. At least that was my motivation for pushing for this change.

Also, about this particular wish, please resubmit it using the format provided here. This particular wish is certainly one which I would like to see included, and with the implemented changes I think it’s more likely now to get noticed and hopefuly implemented.

I should also take this time to point out that I am not an employee of Comodo. I am a volunteer moderator who is trying to act as an intermediary.

Thank you.