A-VSMART WebScanner add-in in Firefox

I recently reinstalled FF after uninstalling it due to the 100% CPU issue
and I had saved my old profile.
I also had to create a new profile due to problems with the Spell check and other right click options not working correctly. When trying to set up my add-ins I saw the A-VSMART WebScanner add-in after some research I came to the conclusion that it was the A-VSMART WebScanner from Comodo.

Can anyone tell me how to install this add-in in a new profile.

Any help would be appreciated


Isn’t this what turned into CIS?

No, I think it was a option from the install of CIS at one point I also believe it to be discontinued
further research shows that it is possibly compatable with FF v3.5 per The install.rds file

<RDF xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/02/22-rdf-syntax-ns#" xmlns:em="http://www.mozilla.org/2004/em-rdf#">
  <Description about="urn:mozilla:install-manifest">
    <em:name>A-VSMART WebScanner</em:name>

I also verified it was Comodo
per Install.js

// XpiInstaller
// By Pike (Heavily inspired by code from Henrik Gemal and Stephen Clavering)

initInstall("A-VSMART WebScanner", "Plugins/Comodo/A-VSMART WebScanner", "");

var componentsfolder = getFolder("plugins");
addFile("", "", "plugins/npavwebscan.dll", componentsfolder, "npavwebscan.dll", true);
addFile("", "", "plugins/framework.dll", componentsfolder, "framework.dll", true);
addFile("", "", "plugins/frameworkwrapper.dll", componentsfolder, "frameworkwrapper.dll", true);
addDirectory("", "", "plugins/framework", componentsfolder, "framework", true);


The Bases.cav file that is associated with it is only 1Mb. I also am wondering if this might have been part of the 100% CPU issue. As I said this was why I had uninstalled FF(after this issue was supposedly resolved) because it was continuing to lock up my PC. Only the Devs know for sure.


I figured it out
Copied the folder(Random number) that contained the Install.rds and Install.js I mentioned in my previous post
C:\Documents and Settings\GToko\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles[b]old profile[/b]\extensions
C:\Documents and Settings\GToko\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles[b]new profile[/b]\extensions\

this automatically put the folder in the FF “about:config” “extensions.enabledItems”

It says it is working now

I will probably uninstall soon especially if is was discontinued (I will ask Melih) or if I see problems with FF