A virus analyzer for your antivirus to replace the virus database(update)

One time I was thinking :-\ why antivirus companies doesn’t make the antivirus analyze the it’s self not send the virus updates ???

Do you think this is possible in COMODO internet security 4?

what I means by that is why you don’t let the antivirus do what the cloud do or the company do

that might need a good heuristic or some kind of virus analyzer but this will give COMODO a 100% detection rate ;D

What you wish maybe coming with CIS v4.1…

I like this idea. I assume that it would eat up too much CPU (or not be feasable for some other reason), but if this is the case couldn’t it still be possible to implement it manually.

What the nice to know :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: but I think the cpu it will take is less than what the update will take :-\

:-TU Would be nice!