A very strange DC++ observation

I use CPF, probably like most of you. I can’t thank Comodo enough for this excellent software!

I also use DC++, to access my internal student network. And I actually don’t really know if this is “on the internet” or not. The address however is share.csbnet.se

When starting the latest version of DC++, 0.698, CPF detects that it wants to access the internet. Now, I also installed an older version (0.689) since some computers in the network require this. But when starting the older DC++ version, it logs in on the network without CPF asking for any internet access - even though the application does not have a rule in CPF. However, when downloading, the traffic is shown in CPF.

How is this possible? 0.698 only starts (or should I say only logs in) if internet access is allowed by CPF, but for 0.689, CPF doesn’t ask and furthermore DC++ just logs in?! Could it be that no internet access is required in neither case to log in on the network, but the latest version 0.698 asks for internet access for some other reason?

This certainly isn’t a problem, I’m just curious.



It is possible that the older version of DC++ is white-listed by Comodo (ie. they’ve declared it safe) where as the newer version is not. You would need to go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this to get a definative answer.