A very Serious Fault (?) of COMODO- MY Home Network dissapeared.

Dear Administrator

Yetserday, upon a short power failure in the house, although my desktop PC is on a 500W UPS, a strange COMODO security message appeared : Something to the effect “whether I needed to redefine my home network”. I did not pay any attention tot he text -it sounded absurd- and Xed the alert.

Today, however, when my other home laptops were turned on, my Home Network was completely gone! No computers would appear on my network (1 desktop and 3 laptops-all set up to see each other). I appled the full WindowsXP procedures. Nothing.

In panic, I de-installed COMODO CIS and I even got the de-installer in case it did not de-install properly [2shared.com - free file sharing and storage]. When COMODO de-installed, however, the network re-appeared!

I now reinstalled a new download of COMODO CIS.
My faith to the product is somehow shaken, now.

Why did this happen? This is a amajor fault, that can put many bona-fide users in severe trouble.
I expect -in the spirit- of open communication that Melih exercises you will let us (me) know.

Costas Prigkipakis

I may be completely wrong on this but one possibility is that upon the power failure your router was switched off/re-booted.This may have caused your NIC to be given a differant IP address via DHCP by the router,one which CIS wouldn`t have recognised as the one you had previously and which was set up in “My Network Zones” as Local area Network#1

Maybe you could look in your router logs to see what IP was designated before and after.


Hi Matt

Your answer sounds plausible, with one caveat: why would COMODO feel confused? The PC is on the UPS, so is the D_LINK wireless router. Thus firewall operation could not -theoretically- have been affected by the power outage.

In any case IP address allocation is dynamically done by the router via DHCP [I at least once a day unplug the router, to refresh its address scheme].So far this action has never generated a problem with CIS.

D_LINK does not unfortunately store the type of info you refer to.

Thanks anyway

A consumer UPS will not protect connected devises from intermittent power interruptions. These short-duration power interruptions may,for example, degrade electronic components over time or cause unexplained loss of internet connection. In your case, when you lost power, your connected devices lost power for a short duration until your UPS resupplied power.

Thank you David

Based on the answers above, I now know the reason why COMODO did what it did. I have 1 question:

"What should I do when -if- it happens again? Is there a way I can restore COMODO to its settings, so it can allow the Home Network operation again? Or, should I de-instsall/re-install COMODO? "

You should ALWAYS export your working configuration.


Click EXPORT and select the one with the tick next to it.

Give it a name when prompted.

This exported config can now be imported back into CIS when you choose.

Ewen :slight_smile:

N.B. It’s a good idea to store the config in a location that is external to the PC that the config is for (thumbdrive for example).