A very difficult question: does CTM work with NTFS junction?

Optimising CTM for best performance

I would like to strip out all temporary data access out of my Programs Partition.

Problem some programs act funny when you redirect your temp directories, internet explorer directories and user/data profiles of browsers. So I wondered whether I could use junction.exe?

To redirect access to a directory out of the partition CTM is protecting

Thanks Kees

Windows 2000 and higher supports directory symbolic links, where a directory serves as a symbolic link to another directory on the computer. For example, if the directory “C:\WINDOWS\Temp” specified “D:\Temp” as its target, then an application accessing “C:\WINDOWS\Temp\MessengerCache" would in reality be accessing “D:\Temp\MessengerCache”.

:slight_smile: I know that, just wanting to know whether CTM would leave the redirected directory untouched because it is on a non-protected partition


Yes, CTM will leave the redirected directory untouched. CTM only monitor the “reality” accessing which on protected partitions.