A/V won't stop scanning, even if you tell it to

This has happened many times before. I kicked off a scan on my computer, but then find i need to go do something else (requiring as much memory/processing be released), but AV will not quit even when you tell it to and confirm that it should. It just continues to run, with no files being scanned

CPU = (32 bit)
Operating System information = (Vista Premimu sp1)
Actively-running security and utility applications = (windows def, comodo AV, FW and defense)

Specific symptoms of the bug, and steps you can take to reproduce it (step by step).

-launch Comodo, click on scan, click stop scan, verify yes to stop… it keep running. Click the “x” in the corner to shut it down, say Yes to stop verification… it keeps running.

Specific steps you have taken to try to resolve it.

  • (reboot) actually, I’m thinking if I set to run this program as an administrator, that I may not have the problem. I will try that next and submit my finding.

Brief description of your Defense+ and Firewall+ mode (Custom, Train with safe) plus mention if you modified any setting in ADVANCED section of D+ and F+ (Optional if you post a Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Report)

-Discovered I can’t run this report unless I run the program as admin.

If you pc reboots or you have a BSOD post in BSODs: Please add your minidump files here
Report if you are using an Administrator account Or a Limited User account. Vista users please Report if you have UAC Disabled or Enabled (Optional if you post a Comodo Firewall Pro Configuration Report)