A/V Update Locks PC

                                 PC1                                               PC2
              Processor:    1.9GHz P4  (32 bit)                          2.8GHz P4  (32 Bit)
                     RAM:    256MB PC2100 DDR (100MHz FSB)     512MB PC3200 DDR (133MHz FSB)

Virtual Memory - Min: 512 MB 1024MB
- Max: 512 MB 1024MB
Windows : SXP SP2 (Administrator Account) =
COMODO: Proactive Security =
Other Security S/W: None =

During virtually the whole of anti-virus database updates both PC’s lock up, e.g. :-

PC1 locks up for ~3-15 minutes on 1st update after 1st boot of day (~5 m for subsequent updates).
PC2 locks up for ~1 minute on 1st update after 1st boot of day (0.5-1m) for subsequent updates).

The problem is DEFINITELY caused by the virus database update process (as the problem goes away if auto update on Real Time Scanning is switched off).

On both PC’s high System I/O (with high RAM usage) are apparent. Anvir Task Manager shows : -

  • Cmdagent uses a lot of memory (peaking at 192MB of 256MB on PC1).
  • 100% Disk I/O usage for several short periods.
  • 100% System? I/O usage for a long. (the lockup lasts whilst ever this is high. I assume it is System
    I/O, because even when the Anvir graph shows minimal disk IO, the Disk Load Icon shows maximum I/O).

What version of CIS are you using? Look under Miscellaneous → About.

Are these clean installs or upgrade installs from 3.8?

All 3 PC’s are running CIS version 3.9.95478.509, with clean installs.

Today, after 7 days of non-use, I booted up our 3rd PC (similar spec to PC1). The first Antivirus Database Update took SIXTY SIX minutes to complete, during which time the PC was unusable.

I know that these are not state of the art PC’s, but many home and corporate users must have similar PC’s - which normally perform more than adequately for Internet access, office applications and older games.

Explorer showed that the file C:\Program Files\Comodo\COMODO Internet Security\scanners\bases.cav was modified several times during the update. Is every (30 minute?, incremental?) update of the antivirus database applied separately? CIS’s heavy I/O of this file in itself could cause a problem.

The update also appears to cause heavy System I/O (>90%), which persists for the duration of the update process.

After reading the “A/V Database Update slow” thread, I thought that I’d better add that I’m using a broadband connection which normally runs at ~2.5Mbps.

This is a major problem that I also have. I just installed CIS (Clean install of latest version) onto a pretty good PC, P4 Prescott 3.0Ghz with HT, 1GB RAM and the virus database update causes major lag.

Also, cpfupdate.exe uses a whopping 170MB of Physical AND Virtual memory.

I also recently did a windows reinstall for a friend on his laptop, and the initial installation of CIS over 2 hours because of the virus definition updates.

Downloads are pretty quick (I have ~3.2Mbit ADSL) but after that it’s terrible.

Something really needs to be done about this, as in all other respects CIS is excellent. This AV update issue just drags the whole program down into the “I really don’t recommend this to anyone who doesn’t have a Quad core CPU with 8GB of RAM and 15k RPM SAS RAID array” category, which is pretty sad really.