A/V Scan Schedule

Is there any need for a scheduled scan on a laptop that may not be ON @ the scheduled time. Also taking into account how good CIS 5 is alleged to be, is a scan needed at all.

There are many people who don’t do virus scans.

Assuming the on-access scanning engine is able to detect a threat, a disk scan can be viewed as redundant.

If however, you are concerned you may have some malware lurking in a compressed archive, a disk scan is the only way to ferret these out, as the real-time engine will only scan archives on-access. Contrary to what some people think though, there is no danger from malware sitting inert inside an archive. It will need to be accessed to do any harm to your system, and then the real-time engine will hopefully intercept it.

With the current state of security suites such as Comodo Internet Security, a disk scan is more for piece of mind than any actual security enhancement.

I personally run a weekly scan, but if my computer isn’t on when the scan is set to run, I have no problem waiting until the next week because the scan isn’t really a concern.

Before posting, I ran a full scan, 100% clean (time taken 25 minutes). As I don’t visit ‘Mickey Mouse’ sites I think I’ll be safe.
Thank You.