A/V Engine Query

I found a forum answer from 2009 stating Comodo used it’s own “well developed A/V engine, not another vendor’s engine”. Is this still true?

As I cannot find Comodo Anti-Virus reviewed on VB100, AV-Comparatives, or anywhere really, I wonder if it might be worth the headache of attempting to get CIS functioning with another, well reviewed vendor’s A/V solution (with Comodo A/V component disabled, obviously)?

This is still true, we have our own engine.

Most AV testing companies measurement is focused on malware detection, not protection. That doesn’t make sense for today’s threat landscape. Comodo has a very good detection ratio as well, but more important is that it is protecting its users 100%.

Thanks for the reply!

Those are fine words. I feel CIS does provide excellent security, so far anyway. But since CIS contains an A/V “module” one wonders how well that particular module compares to other vendors A/V modules. I suppose then that, by the way CIS is designed, that the A/V module is just one small part of the overall protection group which is…em, adequate! Is that an accurate assessment?

If protection is 100% (skipping the horrors of user-selected incorrect alert responses), how is this measured and by whom?

A/V module is one part of the overall protection, yes.

We are applying default deny technology for protection.

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