A.V. delays start-up and kills notification tray, safely remove hardware etc.

Previously my laptop took only 60 seconds from receiving power to being able to devote its C.P.U. cycles to my commands.

Now it can take 180+ seconds, and because I use XP Home edition with SP3,
essential things like power status, safely remove, and volume control fail to enter notification tray.
I do get a 60 second start-up and all I want in the notification tray if I shut down and restart.

I had perfection with Comodo 3.5 plus ESET NOD32, but only :-

  1. Before I had a Netgear DG834G hardware router that was “always on” ; or
  2. After I altered the start-up sequence to delay the launching of the ESET and Comodo GUI’s.
    The problem seemed to be that if the Internet was logged before starting, then updates caused big delays that killed the notification tray.

Having replaced ESET and old Comodo with Comodo 3.11/3.12/3.13, the GUI can still be delayed but unfortunately this is no cure - cmdagent starts up as a service and kills everything BEFORE CFP is launched.

I have gone to Virus Sxcanner Settings and unchecked the “scan memory on start” boxes under Real Time, Manual, and Scheduled. Did not help.
I unchecked the boxes to “Automatically Update virus Database before scanning”,
but I went a whole week before I remembered to do a manual update.

I would appreciate advice upon getting a clean fast start-up without delays from data-base updates.

I believe CFP.exe can be invoked with a command option to un-install Comodo.
Regrettably it does not respond to the universal options “/?”, “/H”, “-?”, “-H” so it is all a mystery.
Are there option switches with which a *.BAT script can control A.V. database updating, or can BLOCK the Firewall prior to shut-down, and can UN-block the Firewall after start-up has been completed ?

I prefer to keep the router “always on”, because if it is powered down then when it powers up it gets a new dynamic address allocated and it starts off with half the normal internet speed, and it may take a few days to recover. Also the Event log is likely to capture complaints about the Internet not being on when start-up is finished and it is trying to synchronise the clock etc.